14 March 2013

CONFERENCE: Empires and Nations from the 18th to the 20th Century

I just discovered this conference. SPD
Conference Rome 2013Sapienza University of Rome, the most ancient and largest Italian University, launches an international multidisciplinary conference to be held in Rome, on 20-21-22 June 2013. 
The topics of the meeting are related to Empires and Nations from the 18th to the 20th century 
Papers presented to the conference will cover a wide range of matters such as, among others, the creation of Nation States in Modern Europe, the great Multinational empires (Hapsburg, Russian and Ottoman Empires), the rise and decline of colonial empires (Spain, France, Great Britain), the movements for national independence and self-determination in the Nineteenth century (the Italian Risorgimento and the struggle for independence of Eastern European States), the collapse of multinational empires after World War I, the interwar and WWII period and the rise of Fascist and Nazi “Empires”, the post war emergence of ideological “Empires” and the division of Europe during the Cold War, post-ideological and theoretical concepts of Empire in the late twentieth century.
The Conference also invites proposals devoted to comparative perspectives on nationalism-related issues, as well as theoretical approaches on the concept of empires and nations that need not be framed to any particular geographic region. 
The conference welcomes a multidisciplinary approach inviting scholars from other disciplines such as political science, history, anthropology, sociology, international studies, security studies, geopolitics, area studies, economics, geography, sociolinguistics, literature, psychology, and related fields. 
The Conference encourages the submission of single papers, addressing the above mentioned issues based on a chronological framework. Any submission must be framed within one of the five following chronological arches with the relevant keywords:

1) Modern age: the first crisis of multinational empires and the emergence of nation States (keywords: Westphalian Europe, sovereignty, 1648, balance of powers),
2) 18th century: the rise of European colonial empires (keywords suggested: geographical explorations, colonization, colonialism, trade, non-European world, Orientalism);
3) 19th century: from Modern States to Nation States: (keywords suggested: national minorities, identity, citizenship, revolutions, national cultures);
4) Early 20th century: the post-war rise of an International Society (keywords suggested: nationalism, War , Wilsonianism, socialism, totalitarian states);
5) Late 20th century: the Cold War and the ideological empires. (keywords suggested: communism, democracy, ideology, soft power, decolonization).

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