18 March 2013

BOOKS: Howarth on Law as Engineering

http://www.e-elgar.com/images/books/857933775.gifEdward Elgar Publishing has announced the publication of: 

David Howarth, Law As Engineering: Thinking About What Lawyers Do:

Law as Engineering proposes a radically new way of thinking about law, as a profession and discipline concerned with design rather than with litigation, and having much in common with engineering in the way it produces devices useful for its clients. It uses that comparison to propose ways of improving legal design, to advocate a transformation of legal ethics so that the profession learns from its role in the crash of 2008, and to reform legal education and research.

Offering a totally new perspective, this book will be a fascinating read for law students and prospective law students, legal academics across all sub-fields, lawyers in government, especially those engaged in drafting legislation, and policymakers.

Additional titles include:

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