11 February 2013

CONFERENCE (POSTGRADUATE): Future Lawyers Tackling Tomorrow’s Legal Challenges

University of Liverpool
International Postgraduate Legal Conference


When does the conference take place?

The conference will take place at the University of Liverpool on Thursday 4th July 2013. More information, including directions, will be provided closer to the time.

Who may speak at the conference?

Postgraduate students of the law, or a course in which law is a substantial component, are eligible to submit an abstract for consideration by the committee.

What format should abstracts take and how should they be submitted?

Persons interested in speaking at the conference should submit an abstract for consideration. The abstract must be no greater than 300 words in length. Abstracts should be submitted using the submission of abstract form attached to the call and available at www.liv.ac.uk/events/  

The deadline for submission is Friday 22nd March.

Do speakers need to submit their entire paper ahead of the conference?

No. However, evidence of readiness to present – in the form of a working paper or PowerPoint slides - will need to be provided two weeks ahead of the conference. Slides for use during presentations will need to be provided at least a week in advance.

Can I use PowerPoint in giving my paper?

Yes, there will be facilities in place for speakers to use PowerPoint. Slides should be sent to convenors at least a week in advance of the conference.

Can speakers circulate material at the conference?

Speakers are free to distribute any materials they wish before their presentation however the organisers cannot assist with printing of documents on the day. If you wish for documents to be made available for audience members, please send materials alongside the final draft of your paper

What is the participation fee for the conference?

A participation fee of £30 will be charged for all participants.

Will speakers have to pay the participation fee?

All participants, including speakers, will need to pay the participation fee. This is an opportunity for postgraduate students to gain valuable experience in delivering a paper. All income from the participation fee will be used in the delivery of the conference.

How do I register for the conference?

You must register online through the website booking service. Information is available at www.liv.ac.uk/law/events/

Is there a conference dress code?
There is no conference dress code.

Are there options for my dietary requirements?

The conference will include a buffet style lunch, with a variety of foods. Please contact convenors in advance if you would like food which matches your requirements put to one side.

Do I have to make my own hotel reservation?

Yes, you must make all of your own accommodation arrangements. However, information on local hotels will be provided to participants closer to the time.

Do I have to organise my own travel?

Yes, participants are required to arrange their own travel. 

Do speakers receive any assistance with expenses?
Unfortunately, the convenors are not in a position to reimburse any costs of the conference at this time. If this changes, participants will be contacted as soon as possible.

How do I get in touch with convenors if my question does not feature in the FAQs?

Convenors welcome questions and can be contacted at law.postgrad-conference@liv.ac.uk  

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