27 February 2013

BOOK: Stelmach, Brożek, and Hohol on The Many Faces of Normativity

Copernicus Center Press has published Jerzy Stelmach, Bartosz Brożek, Mateusz Hohol (eds), The many faces of normativity (2012). It is:

A collection of essays dealing with the issue of normativity from various academic and scientific perspectives. The Reader will learn how phenomena such as norms, morality and rule-following are described and explained in philosophy, biology, psychology, linguistics and neuroscience. In addition, a discussion of the naturalistic fallacy from the philosophical and ethical perspectives will be included.

The Table of Contents includes:

 Part One: Foundations of Normativity

Robert Audi
The Nature of Normativity and the Project of Naturalizing the Normative

Jan Woleński
Some Analogies Between Normative and Epistemic Discourse

Jaap Hage
The Deontic Furniture of the World. An Analysis of the Basic Concepts that Embody Normativity

Anna Brożek
The Naturalistic Fallacy From the Methodological Point of View

Jerzy Stelmach
The Naturalistic and Antinaturalistic Fallacies in Normative Discourse

Part Two: Key Debates

Bartosz Brożek
The Normativity of Meaning

Aeddan Shaw
The Perspectivist Account of the Normativity of Meaning Debate

Mateusz Hohol
The Normativity of Mathematics. A Neurocognitive Approach
Marcin Gorazda
Normativity According to Hayek

Marta Soniewicka
A Command Without a Commander – From the Paradigm of Normativity to the Paradigm of Responsibility

Part Three: Normativity and Natural Sciences

Edward Nęcka
Normativity: A Psychological Perspective

Marcin Siwek, Rafał Jaeschke, Dominika Dudek, Natalia Czyżowska
Moral Development, Normativity and Mental Disorders

Bartłomiej Kucharzyk
Is There a Normative Module? Some Remarks on the Wason Selection Task Experiments in the Field of Normative Reasoning

Wojciech Załuski
From Tit for Tat and Tribalism to the Golden Rule. Remarks on the Development of Moral Ideas

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