30 January 2013

REGISTRATION: Juris Diversitas Inaugural Annual Conference (3-4 June, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Registration is now open  for the 

an international, interdisciplinary conference on comparative law (and more)

3-4 June 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland 

The conference fees are:
  • 50: For JD Members (with Ordinary membership 2012 and 2013)
  • 100: For JD Members (with Ordinary membership 2013) or Members of the AiSDC 
  • 200: For Non-Members (individuals neither a member of JD nor the AiSDC)

The conference dinner fee is optional and costs an additional €50.

JD membership information is available here

Membership fees, conference registration fees, and conference dinner fees can all be paid through the SUBSCRIBE button on the main Juris Diversitas Blog page. Simply enter the appropriate amount there.

Questions about membership payments and registration should be addressed to Lukas Heckendorn-Urscheler at Lukas.Heckendorn@isdc-dfjp.unil.ch. Other membership questions should be addressed to Salvatore Mancuso at secretariat.jd@outlook.com.

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