02 January 2013

BOOK: Hoeflich on the Law In Postcards & Ephemera

From The Lawbook Exchange:

JUST PUBLISHED- The Law In Postcards & Ephemera 1890–1962 by Michael H. Hoeflich. xi, 102 pp. color illustrations. ISBN 9781616193430 Hardcover. $75.

The prominence of law and lawyers in popular culture is shown in this full-color collection of late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century postcards and ephemera. From humorous cards depicting love, divorce, drinking and cute animals and children in legal garb to serious depictions of women lawyers, courthouses and law firm libraries, they are a rich source for understanding popular opinions of lawyers, the courts, and the law.

Contents: Introduction, Animal Lawyers, Child Lawyers, Dickensian Lawyers, Drinking Lawyers, Holidays, Ethnic Lawyers, Legal Humor, Law Buildings, Lawyers and Love, Lawyers and Money, Legal Advertising, Real Photo Cards, Women Lawyers, References to M. Galanter, Lowering the Bar.

Michael H. Hoeflich is the John H. & John M. Kane Professor of Law at the University of Kansas School of Law. He is the author of numerous books including Roman and Civil Law and the Development of Anglo-American Jurisprudence (1997), Sources of the History of the American Law of Lawyering (published by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., 2007) and Legal Publishing in Antebellum America (2010).

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