29 December 2012


American Anthropological AssociationPoLAR Announcement and APLA & AES Joint Spring 2013 Meeting Reminder

PoLAR, the journal of the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology (APLA), has a second virtual issue. Entitled Reflections from Occupied Worlds, it

marks the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Movement with a collection of essays and postscripts that provide a unique commentary on challenges of pursuing social justice and activism alongside anthropological inquiry. In recognition of other resistance movements, including the Arab Spring, protests in Europe, and many others that predated and coincided with Occupy, the issue focuses not on the U.S.-based movement, but rather, on other parts of the world to explore the multiple and multiplicative dimensions of occupation. In short, it considers the “99%” beyond the United States.

In selecting articles that predate the Occupy Movement, the issue attempts to provide a view of how anthropologists have been conscious of resistance movements and attempted to explain tensions within and between resistance and political institutions that inevitably ensue. The articles highlight how anthropologists have studied spaces of occupation and activism and the struggles within them. They take readers to North America, the Middle East, Ireland and Ecuador, addressing questions and tensions around anthropology and activism along the way.

Readers are also reminded that the deadline for proposals for the Anthropologies of Conflict in a New Millennium Conference is approaching.

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