23 November 2012

NOTICE: New Comparative Law Review

The latest volume of the Comparative Law Review is now available online. 

It includes:
Francesco Mezzanotte - The Interrelation Between Intellectual Property Licenses and The Doctrine of "Numerus Clausus". A Comparative Legal and Economic Analysis

Geraldine Gadbin-George - Towards a Mutation of the Language of Criminal Law in French and British Courts? The Influence of the Part Played by Juries on Judges’ Discourse

Serena Baldin - The Protection of the Romani Language and the Itinerant Lifestyle of Roma Minorities: A Fuzzy Approach to the Comparative Analysis

Oreste Pollicino - A Further Argument in Favour of the Construction of a General Theory of the Domestic Impact of Jurisprudential Supranational Law. The Genesis and the First Steps of Echr and Eu Legal Orders 

Gianluca Scarchillo - Privatizations, Control Devices and Golden Share. The Harmonizing Intervention of The European Court of Justice 

Amalia Diurni - The evolution of Physician-Patient Relationship: from Information to Counselling

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