26 November 2012

NOTICE: Farran on England, Vanuatu, and more

Thanks to our friend at the Irish Society of Comparative Law (ISCL), I discovered the following article by Sue Farran, another friend and Juris Diversitas member, on SSRN:
  • Legal Culture and Legal Transplants: England and Wales

When I looked this up on SSRN, I discovered that a number of other articles had also recently been posted:

  • Pacific Punch: Tropical Flavours of Mixedness in the Island Republic of Vanuatu
  • The Role of Scholars in the Convergence and Divergence of Scots and English Law in the Decade Since Devolution
  • Aid, Trade and Taboo- The Place of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge in Development Strategies: A Pacific Perspective
  • Knowledge and the Promotion of Innovations: Challenges for Pacific Island States
  • Changing Currents: Laws and Development in South Pacific Island States


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