02 October 2012

NOTICES: New Titles from Elgar

Elgar has announced the publication of the following:
Comparative Law And SocietyDavid S Clark, Comparative Law And Society:

Comparative Law and Society, part of the Research Handbooks in Comparative Law series, is a pioneering volume that comprises 19 original essays written by expert authors from across the world. This innovative handbook offers both a history of the field of comparative law and society and a thorough exploration of its methods, disciplines, and major issues, presenting the most comprehensive look into this contemporary field to date.

The Interaction Between Europe’s Legal SystemsGiuseppe Martinico and Oreste Pollicino, The Interaction Between Europe’s Legal Systems: Judicial Dialogue and the Creation of Supranational Laws:

This book examines the broad issue of the rapprochement between the legal systems of the EU and the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) and asks whether the two systems are converging. While the literature on the issue of the national application of EC/EU law or that of ECHR norms is voluminous, a specific comparative analysis that takes into account the national judicial treatment of both laws has been lacking, until now.

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