25 October 2012

NOTICE: Juris Diversitas 2013 Conference & New Facebook Page


Since 2009, Juris Diversitas has slowly developed as an international and interdisciplinary community of scholars dedicated to comparative law very broadly understood.

In addition to our blog, we've held annual events dedicated to small-group discussions of chosen subjects, especially the complex relationships of laws and norms. These conferences have already resulted in a number of publications; more are on the way.

Our 2013 conference will, however, be our first public event. Both members and non-members will be encouraged to attend. Our hope is to further expand our network of individual comparatists, jurisprudes, legal historians, social scientists, etc, from around the world.

The conference's primary theme will be the diffusion--transplantation, reception, migration, contamination, etc, etc--of both laws and law-like norms, past and present and around the globe, but all proposals on comparative law (very broadly understood) will be considered.

Watch the blog (or sign up for posts) for additional information.

Note, too, the creation of a Juris Diversitas page on Facebook. As with the blog, both members and non-members may sign up.

As always, spread the word.

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