07 September 2012

NOTICE: New Issue of Transnational Legal Theory

Transnational Legal Theory Volume 2, Issue 4 has just been published:


Constitutionalism and the State of the ‘Society of Networks’: The Design of a New ‘Control Project’ for a Fragmented Legal System
Karl-Heinz Ladeur

Neither Dualism nor Monism: Holism and the Relationship between Municipal and International Human Rights Law
Thomas Finegan

Fragmentation, Coherence and Synergy in International Law
Joel P Trachtman

Jus Cogens: Towards an International Common Good?
Mark Retter


How to Theorise Law in a Transnational Context: A review of Detlef von Daniels, The Concept of Law from a Transnational Perspective
Samantha Besson

Fuller, Torture, and Interactional Legal Theory: A review of Jutta Brunné and Stephen Toope, Legitimacy and Legality in International Law: An Interactional Account
Matthew H Kramer

Differences in Sameness: A review of Tomer Broude and Yuval Shany (eds) Multi-Sourced Equivalent Norms in International Law
Jolene Lin

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