24 September 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS: Law and Corruption in Turbulent Times

'Law and Corruption in Turbulent Times:
Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives from the Mediterranean and South-Eastern Europe'
14th Mediterranean Research Meeting
Mersin (Turkey)
20-23 March 2013
logo-euiThis workshop will address interactions between law and corruption in the Middle East and North Africa, and southern and south-eastern Europe. The basic issue we wish to explore is: How is legislation, policy and law-in-practice influenced by corruption, and what regulation and control of corruption is there by law, in a region experiencing the aftermath of the ‘Arab Spring’ and the European sovereign debt and banking crisis? 
Consideration of the relationship between law and corruption is particularly timely given seismic political, economic and social transformations in these regions. Corruption has been highlighted during both the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone, and during mass protests broadly identified with the ‘Arab Spring’. This will be an opportunity to develop scholarship that responds to these unprecedented events in both looking at the enactment, use and failure of law to prevent or punish corruption, and exploring the influence of corruption on the legal process, including the passing of legislation, individual courts cases and the enforcement of law-in-daily life. 
Our definition of corruption is the ‘abuse of public office for private gain’ (World Bank, 1997) and of law as the principles and regulations established by some authority, whether in the form of some legislation or custom. Participants from the fields of legal studies, political science, economics, anthropology, socio-legal studies and history (amongst others) will present their research findings on interactions between law and corruption and consider methodological problems associated with researching it from perspectives including governance, legal realism and social anthropology. 
Deadline for submission of paper proposals has been extended to 6 October 2012.  For more information please visit the MRM website:

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