02 May 2012

NOTICE: A collaborative Doctoral Programme in Contemporary Legal and Political Theory

I've just discovered (belatedly perhaps) the following interesting programme: 

  Participating Institutions:  
University of Antwerp, Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values
University of Glasgow, School of Law,
Christian-Albrechts University (Kiel), Chair of Public Law and Legal Theory
Tilburg University, Chair of Legal Philosophy 

The 'Globalisation and Legal Theory’ doctoral programme builds on a collaboration between the Universities of Antwerp (Belgium), Glasgow (United Kingdom), Kiel (Germany) and Tilburg (The Netherlands) that combines the expertise of all four institutions in bringing critical legal thought (in a broad sense) to bear on contemporary global challenges. The doctoral programme draws on different strands of legal theory around the foundational notions of normativity, (human) rights, and justice in a globalised world. We welcome PhD proposals that address these foundational notions as well as their relation to concrete and practical issues and problématiques. 

What we offer 

The Collaborative Doctoral Programme combines the advantages of close, personalised supervision in research institutions with an excellent reputation in legal theory with the exciting opportunity to become part of a dynamic research community that spans across four universities in four different EU Member States. With mobility and cooperation being key features of the programme, there will be ample opportunity for doctoral students to become involved in research activities of all participating universities. A collective annual doctoral colloquium, regular workshops, and seminar series involving internationally renowned academics and practitioners are integral parts of this doctoral programme that encourages the engagement of its researchers in a vibrant international research culture.

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