02 April 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS: The Journal of Law and Social Research

The Journal of Law and Social Research (JLSR) is a peer reviewed annual journal striving to improve the quality of legal education, encourage legal research, and build a strong tradition of vigorous academic discourse and publication in Pakistan.
JLSR aims to publish original and innovative legal scholarship in the diverse sub-fields of law. JLSR is also keen to publish interdisciplinary socio-legal research that explores the interface between law and political, economic, social and legal institutions.
JLSR invites contributions for its special issue on gender and legal profession in the form of articles, book reviews and case comments focusing on the women in legal profession, its advantages and problems in every day practice. Contributors are welcome to address these aspects from a national, international and comparative perspective. Through multidisciplinary contributions, this special issue of JLSR aims to analyze a variety of aspects and methodological approaches to corruption, in order to comprehend a phenomenon which is is not much talked about and analyzed. 

Some of the possible but not exclusive leading-questions and themes for enquiry may be:
1) The increase of women in the legal profession all over the world - What does it mean for the legal profession?
2) What difference it will make on legal profession – affects in the social, political and legal institutions?
3) Would it affect our concepts of justice?
4) Universalistic vs. context-sensitive approaches to gender and legal profession.
5 Analysis with sociological, anthropological and gender studies perspective.
6) Gender and legal profession as a field of research
7) Key-concepts  in gender and legal profession policy writing
This special issue also aims to provide opportunities for rethinking questions of legal pedagogy, social theory, research methods and welfare policy. The above-mentioned themes are simply illustrative of some of the questions that contributions can choose to address and authors are encouraged to submit abstracts to the editors on a greater variety of subjects related to gender and legal profession than those mentioned above. Papers grounded in first-hand research will be privileged but abstract philosophical discussions, theoretically engaged social research, and pieces based on the law are also welcome.
We invite the submission of articles from scholars and senior students in the social sciences, humanities, law, economics, and history, but also encourage contributions from practitioners in the domain of social activism and legal practice.  Articles must be in the range of 3000 to 6000 words.
Contributors are requested to submit an abstract and CV to the editors by the 31st May 2012
Contact : Professor Hanne Petersen [Hanne.Petersen@jur.ku.dk] Dr. Rubya Mehdi [rubya@hum.ku.dk].
The deadline for the submission of finished papers is the 30th August 2012.

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