01 March 2012

NOTICE: European Criminal Law Review

Hart Publishing is delighted to announce that they are now distributing the European Criminal Law Review along with C.H.Beck who are based in Germany. 

The European Criminal Law Review is a new journal dedicated to the development of European Criminal Law and the co-operation in criminal matters within the European Union. In these areas the Lisbon Treaty has supposedly brought about the most important changes and also the greatest challenges for the future. It is the journal’s ambition to provide a primary forum for comprehensive discussion and critical analysis of all questions arising in relation to European Criminal Law. It includes articles and relevant material on topics such as:

  • The harmonisation of national criminal law in consideration of European legal instruments
  • The implementation of the principle of mutual recognition in the area of cooperation in criminal matters and the development towards the creation of a European Public Prosecutor
  • The emergence of a balanced European Criminal Policy based on fundamental rights, freedom and democracy with particular reference to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights

EU Policy to Guarantee Procedural Rights in Criminal Proceedings: an Analysis of the First Steps and a Plea for a Holistic Approach
Taru Spronken

Reform of French Police Custody and European Law
Jocelyne Leblois-Happe

Driving Under the Influence of Psychoactive Substances in Europe and the Phenomenon of Driving Licence Tourism
Michael Krismann

The Difficult Relationship between Restraints to the Attorney-Client Privilege and Compliance with the Law by Companies – Commentary on the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Akzo Nobel Chemicals and others vs. Commission case of 14th September, 2010 (case C-550/07)
Patricia Pérez Fernández

The ‘Qualities’ of Criminal Law – Connected to National and European Law-making Procedures
Ciro Grandi

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