12 February 2012


The following may be of interest. Apologies for the late notice:

Commission on Legal Pluralism

A group of Indian scholars is organizing a seminar on legal pluralism and natural resource management which will take place on March 30 and 31st, 2012, in Coimbatore, South India. They would like to have some participation also from the SE Asia network of the Commission, and there is actually some funding available to bring 1-2 members to India for this purpose. Further information can be found below. Interested persons can contact Dr Amalendu via ailp_conference@cb.amrita.edu.

30th and 31st March 2012
Conference Organised at Amrita School of Business
By Asian Initiative on Legal Pluralism
and supported by Commission on Legal Pluralism

Venue: Amrita University, Ettimadai, Coimbatore, India
Venue: Amrita University, Ettimadai, Coimbatore, India
Date of workshop: 30th March 2012
Date of Conference: 31st March 2012


This workshop and conference are intended to explore the understanding of legal pluralism in guiding policies and management of natural resource especially in the context of forest, water and fisheries and related resources. There is widespread recognition that property rights play a fundamental role in shaping how people manage natural resources. But many conceptions of property rights have focused only on static definitions, usually as defined in statutory law. The legal anthropological perspective highlights the coexistence and interaction between multiple legal orders such as state, customary, religious, project and local laws, all of which provide bases for claiming property rights. These multiple legal frameworks also facilitate considerable flexibility for people to maneuver in their use of natural resources, thus helping to cope with uncertainty. In many parts of the world, usage of resources (especially in the context of forest, water, fisheries and other natural resources), rights are dynamic, flexible and subject to frequent negotiations because of uncertainty due to depletion, and social, economic and political changes. In this context, this workshop and conference on “Legal Pluralism in Natural Resource Management” would explore the role of multiple institutions in managing conflict and shaping negotiations, policies and adapting to changes.

The conference especially aims at exploring the legal pluralism perspective in the context of forest, water, fisheries and other natural resource based activities like pastoral, mining, agriculture etc., resources in Asian context. We invite research papers in these thematic resource areas that deal with various issues at micro, macro or policy level in relation to conflicts, negotiations, adaptability, vulnerability and any other issues those are suitable to explore plurality in terms of norms, customs, law and other institutions.

Prior to the conference, a workshop would be organized on “Legal Pluralism Concepts and Applications in the context of Natural Resource Management”. This workshop would especially be useful for students and scholars working in the field of legal anthropology as well as in natural resource management, and related social science fields.


for Submission of Abstract: 15th of January 2012
Communication of Acceptance: 30th of January 2012
Confirmation of Participation: 15th February 2012
Submission of Final Paper: 25th February 2012

Submission e-mail id: ailp_conference@cb.amrita.edu

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