14 December 2011

NOTICE: Transnational Legal Theory

Volume 2, Issue 2 of Transnational Legal Theory has been published. A special issue on 'onflicts Law as Constitutional Form in the Postnational Constellation', it contains:

A New Type of Conflicts Law as Constitutional Form in the Postnational Constellation
Christian Joerges, Poul F Kjaer and Tommi Ralli

United They Diverge? From Conflicts of Law to Constitutional Theory
Agustín José Menéndez

Democratic Juridification Without Statisation: Law of Conflict of Laws Instead of a World State
Florian Rödl

The Opium of Democracy: A Comment on Florian Rödl’s Theory of Democratic Juridification without Statisation
Marc Amstutz

The Political Foundations of Conflicts Law
Poul F Kjaer

Global Governance and Conflict of Laws from a Foucauldian Perspective: The Power/Knowledge Nexus Revisited
Martin Herberg

The Limits of the ‘Conflicts Approach’: Law in Times of Political Turmoil
Michelle Everson

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