01 November 2011

NOTICE: New Law and Humanities

The Winter 2011 issue of Law and Humanities is now available online.

The articles include:
  • Christian Biet, Law, Literature, Theatre: The Fiction of Common Judgment
  • Mark Fortier, Education, Aesop, Roger L’Estrange, and Equity
  • Melanie L Williams, Conceptions of Moral Luck, Culpability, and The Reader
  • Martin A Kayman, The Bill of Rights: ‘Icons’ of Liberty and Law in the Early Twenty-First Century
  • Helge Dedek, The Splendour of Form: Scholastic Jurisprudence and ‘Irrational Formality’
  • Catrin Fflur Huws, What is the Significance of the Mortgage in Love’s Labour’s Lost?

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