12 October 2011

CALL FOR PAPERS: Junior Faculty Interdisciplinary Scholarship Workshop

The Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis will host an exciting new Junior Faculty Interdisciplinary Scholarship Workshop from 22-23 March 2012:

The workshop will explore “Objectivity in the Law” and is open to non-tenured academics whose research is interdisciplinary in nature. The normative value of objectivity runs through the purpose for most law, though social practices influence how laws are implemented. Submitted papers should focus on a chosen area of law and examine that law’s objective purpose and the relationship between its purpose and its actual implementation.

To ensure each presenter receives extensive feedback, only six papers will be selected for the workshop. Senior scholars from Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis and other law schools will be paired with presenters and serve as primary or secondary commentators on the papers. Presenters will receive a small honorarium and will be reimbursed for their travel and hotel expenses. The Law School will provide lunch and dinner on Friday, as well as breakfast on Saturday.

Interested participants must submit a 500 word abstract to Professor Cynthia Adams at cmadams@iupui.edu before November 15. Presenters will be notified before December 15. If selected, a participant must submit a full copy of the paper before February 17, 2011.

The program is also open to other scholars wanting to attend, read, and comment on the papers but not present. There is no registration fee.

I became aware of this through the Legal History Blog (which found out from the Legal Scholarship Blog).

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