09 July 2011

Workshop: Macao at the Crossroads of Different Legal Systems

Workshop: Macao at the Crossroads of Different Legal Systems

Objective: Macao is a civil law based legal system that is different from other jurisdictions, namely China and Hong Kong, but due to its geographic proximity to Hong Kong, for instance, there is an intercorrelation with the common law system. As such, it is a good case in point of how such legal systems can co-exist and learn from each other and provide a good opportunity to discuss if the differences between these legal systems remain relevant in an increasingly integrated world of “different” legal systems. An analysis of this framework is a very useful means to enrich and update our knowledge about the relations between different legal systems. Under this new context, this workshop aims at providing a platform that brings together different leading comparative law scholars, experts and legal professionals from the region to share their professional legal knowledge on this important contemporary legal theme.

One session will be dedicated to the issue of legal hybridity.

For more information and the program visit: http://www.ieem.org.mo/

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