01 December 2010

NOTICE: Comparative Studies in Society and History

A recent issue of (2010) 52:3 Comparative Studies in Society and History had a number of law-related articles that might be of interest to members. It contained the following:
  • Editorial ForewordComparative Studies in Society and History
  • Hussein Ali Agrama, Secularism, Sovereignty, Indeterminacy: Is Egypt a Secular or a Religious State?
  • Nandini Chatterjee, English Law, Brahmo Marriage, and the Problem of Religious Difference: Civil Marriage Laws in Britain and India
  • James McDougall, The Secular State's Islamic Empire: Muslim Spaces and Subjects of Jurisdiction in Paris and Algiers, 1905-1957
  • Joyce Dalsheim, On Demonized Muslims and Vilified Jews: Between Theory and Politics
  • Jhaled Furani, Said and the Religious Other
  • Gregory Starrett, The Varieties of Secular Experience
  • Kabir Tambar, The Aesthetics of Public Visibility: Alevi Semah and the Paradoxes of Pluralism in Turkey
  • John R Bowen, Secularism: Conceptual Genealogy or Political Dilemma?
There are also a number of interesting book reviews in the issue as well. The latest issue is also available online (for a fee).

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