10 December 2010

NOTICE: Cashin Ritaine, Donlan, and Sychold et al on Comparative Law and Hybrid Legal Traditions

Eleanor Cashin Ritaine, Seán Patrick Donlan, and Martin Sychold (eds), Comparative Law and Hybrid Legal Traditions, the product of a conference co-organised by Juris Diversitas and theSwiss Institute of Comparative Law and held in Lausanne, 10–11 September 2009, will be available from Schulthess on 17 December 2010.

The contents include:

Foreward and Introduction
  • Eleanor Cashin Ritaine, Foreword
  • Seán Patrick Donlan, Comparative Law and Hybrid Legal Traditions: An Introduction
Past and Living Hybrids
  • Seán Patrick Donlan, Histories of Hybridity: a Problem, a Primer, a Plea and a Plan (of Sorts)
  • Alain Levasseur, Two Hundred (200) Years of Civil Law in English: Louisiana’s Lonely Destiny
  • Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler, Multidimensional Hybridity: Nepali Law from a Comparative Perspective
Developing Hybrids
  • Ignazio Castellucci, Chinese Law: a New Hybrid
  • Salvatore Mancuso, African Legal Hybridity: Interaction of Western, Islamic and Native Law in the Comorian Legal System
  • Colin B. Picker, A Framework for Comparative Analyses of International Law and its Institutions: Using the Example of the World Trade Organization
  • Eleanor Cashin Ritaine, Mixed and Hybrid Jurisdictions: Comparative and Methodological Considerations
Our members can order hard copies directly through the Institute; a reduced price is being arranged. Electronic copies may also become available shortly.

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