20 November 2010

NOTICE: Utrect Law Review

Note that the (2010) 6:3 Utrecht Law Review is now available.

It's a special issue on Euroscepticism and Multiculturalism. It contains the following:

Frank van Schendel, Irene Aronstein
Introduction – Euroscepticism and multiculturalism

Veit Bader
Constitutionalizing secularism, alternative secularisms or liberal-democratic constitutionalism? A critical reading of some Turkish, ECtHR and Indian Supreme Court cases on ‘secularism’

Leonard F.M. Besselink
National and constitutional identity before and after Lisbon

Ruth Sefton-Green
Multiculturalism, Europhilia and harmonization: harmony or disharmony?

Jan M. Smits
Beyond Euroscepticism: on the choice of legal regimes as empowerment of citizens

Esin Örücü
Diverse cultures and official laws: multiculturalism and Euroscepticism?

Irene Aronstein
‘The Union shall respect cultural diversity and national identities’ Lisbon’s concessions to Euroscepticism – true promises or a booby-trap?

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