01 November 2010

NOTICE: Annual Review of Law and Social Science

The latest (2010) 6 Annual Review of Law and Social Science is now available online. The list of articles is extensive, but includes the following:
  • Annual ReviewsRichard L. Abel, Law and Society: Project and Practice
  • Lee Epstein and Tonja Jacobi, The Strategic Analysis of Judicial Decisions
  • Alejandro de la Fuente and Ariela Gross, Comparative Studies of Law, Slavery, and Race in the Americas
  • Mark C. Suchman and Elizabeth Mertz, Toward a New Legal Empiricism: Empirical Legal Studies and New Legal Realism
  • Shari Seidman Diamond and Pam Mueller, Empirical Legal Scholarship in Law Reviews
  • Lauren B. Edelman, Gwendolyn Leachman, and Doug McAdam, On Law, Organizations, and Social Movements

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