25 May 2010

NOTICE: Maltese Symposium on Mediterranean Law (11-12 June 2010)

A symposium on Mediterranean law will take place on 11-12 June 2010 in Malta.

Friday’s activities will be held in Villa Parisio in Lija and are sponsored by the Strickland Foundation. Registration will start at 4:30 pm; the symposium begins at 5 pm. A plenary paper will be presented by Professor Olivier Moréteau (Director of the Center for Civil Law Studies at the Paul M Hebert Law Center of Louisiana State University). A reception will follow at 7 pm.

Saturday’s activities will be held at the Old University Building in Valletta. Registration will begin at 8:40 am; the symposium will begin at 9 am and end at 7 pm. A light lunch will be provided onsite from 1-2 pm (sponsored by the Department of Civil Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Malta). The afternoon will include additional sessions, the launch of the 'Mediterranean legal hybridity' project, and a walking tour of Valletta. A light reception (sponsored by the Maltese Ministry of Justice) will be held from 7 pm.

A tour of Mdina is being organised for Sunday.

Confirmed speakers include the following:

• Biagio Andò (Catania), ‘‘Mixed systems and sources of law: the case of Malta’
• Kevin Aquilina (Malta), ‘Maltese legal hybridity: a chimeric illusion or a grafted European law blended mixture?’
• Eliana Augusti (Salento), ‘Consuls and mixed courts: the contradictions of an extraterritorial language of jurisdiction in Turkey’
• Stathis Banakas (East Anglia), ‘Global legal cultures and private law remedies: dominant patterns and the challenges they pose for social justice’
• Simone Benvenuti (Rome, La Sapienza), ‘Judicial training between constitutional traditions and Europeanization: the case of Turkey’
• George C Bugeja (Malta), ‘The development of the commenda in the Mediterranean region’
• Ignazio Castellucci (Macau/Trento), ‘The Mediterranean identity of the legal aversion to usury’
• Seán Patrick Donlan (Limerick), ‘Mediterranean legal and normative hybridity: a project for the legal and social sciences’
• Sue Farran (Dundee), 'The not so pacific Pacific: the issue of domestic violence'
• Ruth Farrugia (Malta), ‘The pre-nuptial contracts and the common law/civil law divide’
• Nikitas Hatzimihail (Cyprus), ‘Legal education and the legal profession in Cyprus’
• Alessio Lo Giudice (Catania), ‘The Mediterranean legacy in the concept of sovereignty: a case of legal-philosophical hybridity’
• Aniceto Masferrer (Valencia), ‘Legal and normative diversity in Spain: Spanish legal traditions and the codification of private law’
• Simon Mercieca (Malta), ‘How was judicial power balanced in Malta in early modern times?: a cursory look at the Maltese legal system through a historical perspective’
• Paul Edgar Micallef (Maltese Communications Authority), ‘Maltese consumer law: a reflection of diverse legal cultures’
• Claude Micallef-Grimaud (Independent), ‘Moral damages in Maltese law: an overview of certain legal peculiarities’
• Vernon Palmer (Tulane), ‘Empire as engine of the mixed legal systems’
• Teresa Sartore Senigaglia (Heidelberg), ‘The empty ghetto: transcultural interactions in Hospitallers’ Rhodes’
• Jotham Scerri-Diacono (Independent) and Gabriella Zammit (Independent), ‘The hybrid nature of the Merchant Shipping Act’
• Giovanni Tamburrini (Rome, La Sapienza), ‘State aid to the banks: a comparative law analysis of Mediterranean countries’
• David Zammit (University of Malta), ‘The interface between formal and informal law’

The conference fee is €100; transportation and accommodation are not included.

Those wishing to attend from outside Malta should contact Dr Seán Patrick Donlan (University of Limerick) at sean.donlan@ul.ie; those wishing to attend within Malta should contact Dr David Zammit (University of Malta) at david.zammit@um.edu.mt.

The symposium is being hosted by the Department of Civil Law of the Faculty of Law and the Mediterranean Institute, both of the University of Malta. It is organised in conjunction with Juris Diversitas and has received funding from the Department of Civil Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Malta, the Strictland Foundation, and the Maltese Ministry of Justice.

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