09 May 2010

NOTICE: Forensic Cultures in Interdisciplinary Perspective

For those unable to attend our Malta Symposium the same weekend, note that a 'Forensic Cultures in Interdisciplinary Perspective' conference is being held at the University of Manchester (UK) on 11-12 June 2010:

This international conference examines in analytical and historical perspective the remarkable prominence of forensic science and medicine in contemporary culture. It brings together leading scholars from history, sociology and socio-legal studies, media and cultural studies, and practitioners working within the diverse locations of forensic culture – from crime scenes and bio-medical laboratories to television studios. Topics for discussion include the politics and practice of DNA evidence, the use of "cold case review" in re-evaluating celebrated murder trials from the past, the historical invention of "crime scene investigation", the work of forensic identification at mass grave sites, and media forensics – including a dinner event featuring the creators of the BBC forensic dramas Waking the Dead and Silent Witness.

Forensic Cultures is sponsored by the University of Manchester's Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM), and by the Wellcome Trust.

For further details, including registration information, please see the conference website at http://www.chstm.manchester.ac.uk/newsandevents/conferences/forensics/ or contact the organisers, Dr Ian Burney (ian.burney@manchester.ac.uk) and Dr David Kirby (david.kirby@manchester.ac.uk)

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