12 April 2010

NOTICE: SSRN e-Journals

Various SSRN e-Journals have announced new articles. A few that might be of interest include:

Comparative Law e-Journal

The State Management of Legal and Cultural Diversity in Canada
Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens, University of Montreal - Centre de recherche en droit public

Tribal Citizen Participation in State and National Politics: Welcome Wagon or Trojan Horse
Michael D. Oeser, University of Wisconsin Law School

Constitutionalism, Legal Pluralism, and International Regimes
Alec Stone Sweet, Yale Law School and Yale Political Science
(also in Law, Institutions & Development e-Journal)

Law & Humanities e-Journal

The Intellectual Properties of Geography
Dwijen Rangnekar, University of Warwick - School of Law

Law, Norms & Informal Order e-Journal

Disrupted Attachments: A Social Context Complex Trauma Framework and the Lives of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Lori Haskell, University of Toronto - Department of Psychiatry
Melanie Randall, Faculty of Law, UWO

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