06 April 2010

NOTICE: SSRN e-journals - (i) Laws, Norms, & Informal Orders and Indigenous Nations and (ii) People's Law

Two SSRN e-journals have announced the following

The Laws, Norms, & Informal Orders e-journal has announced:

Catholic Schools and Broken Windows
Margaret F. Brinig, Notre Dame Law School
Nicole Stelle Garnett, Notre Dame Law School

Debts, Disasters, and Delinquencies: The Case for a Mandatory Force Majeure Provision in Consumer Credit Agreements, and for a Consumer Credit Insurance Fund
Norman I. Silber, Hofstra University School of Law

Islamic Legal Theory, Secularism and Religious Pluralism: Is Modern Religious Freedom Sufficient for the Shari'a 'Purpose [Maqsid]' of 'Preserving Religion [Hifz Al-Din]?'
Andrew F. March, Yale University

Assessing the Effects of a 'Loser Pays' Rule on the American Legal System
Marie Gryphon, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Disaster Mythology and the Law
Lisa Grow Sun, Associate Professor

Comparative Deterrence from Private Enforcement and Criminal Enforcement of the U.S. Antitrust Laws
Robert H. Lande, University of Baltimore - School of Law
Joshua P. Davis, University of San Francisco - School of Law

Should States Have a Legal Right to Reputation? Applying the Rationales of Defamation Law to the International Arena
Elad Peled, University of Haifa

China’s Lax Law Harbors Academic Misconduct
Xinglong Cao, A University, School of Law

The Indigenous Nations and People's Law e-journal has announced:
Relocation Revisited: Sex Trafficking of Native Women in the United States
Sarah Deer, William Mitchell College of Law
Tribal Citizen Participation in State and National Politics: Welcome Wagon or Trojan Horse
Michael D. Oeser, University of Wisconsin Law School
Notes on the Implementation by Latin American Courts of the ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous Peoples
Christian Courtis, affiliation not provided to SSRN
Disrupted Attachments: A Social Context Complex Trauma Framework and the Lives of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Lori Haskell, University of Toronto - Department of Psychiatry
Melanie Randall, Faculty of Law, UWO
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