02 March 2010

Journal of Civil Law Studies

The Center of Civil Law Studies of the Louisiana State University Law Center announces the publication of Volume 2 of the Journal of Civil Law Studies (JCLS). Volumes 1 and 2 of the JCLS are freely accessible online, at www.law.lsu.edu/jcls

Volume 2 of the JCLS contains:


Jacques Vanderlinden, Aux origines de la culture juridique française en Amérique du Nord

Olivier Moréteau, The Future of Civil Codes in France and Louisiana

Andrea Borroni & Charles Tabor, Caveat Emptor’s Current Role in Louisiana and Islamic Law: Worlds Apart yet Surprisingly Close

Catherine Piché, The Cultural Analysis of Class Action Law

Georges A. Cavalier & Thomas Straub, Mergers and Acquisitions Comparative Economic Analysis of Laws: France vs. USA


Agustín Parise, Gustavus Schmidt, The Civil Law of Spain and Mexico


Olivier Moréteau & Agustín Parise, The Bicentennial of the Louisiana Civil Code

The JCLS invites the submission of articles for Volume 4, to appear in the Fall of 2010. The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2010. Please visit www.law.lsu.edu/jcls or email jcls@law.lsu.edu

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