31 March 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT: Juris Diversitas Advisory Board

The Executive Committee of Juris Diversitas proudly announce the members of our Advisory Board: 
  • Marco Guadagni (Emeritus, Trieste)
  • Patrick Glenn (McGill)
  • Roderick Macdonald (McGill)
  • Werner Menski (SOAS, London)
  • Esin Örücü (Emeritus, Glasgow)
  • Vernon Valentine Palmer (Tulane)
  • Rodolfo Sacco (Emeritus, Turin)
  • Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Coimbra, Wisconsin, and Warwick)
  • William Twining (Emeritus, University College London and Miami)
  • Jacques Vanderlinden (Emeritus, Free University of Brussels and Moncton)
We thank each of them for accepting and look forward to working together.

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