25 February 2010

NOTICE: Indigenous Nations & Peoples Law Abstracts

The Center for Indigenous Law, Governance & Citizenship at Syracuse University College of Law has released its Indigenous Nations & Peoples Law Abstracts. These include:
  • 'The Meaning and Liberal Justifications of Israel's Law of Return' (Dan Ernst, Ewha Womans University)
  • 'Legal Pluralism, Customary Law and Environmental Management: The Role of International Law for the South Pacific' (Erika J. Techera, Macquarie University - Macquarie Law School)
  • 'One Step Forward, Two Giant Steps Back: How the ‘Existing Indian Family’ Exception (Re)Imposes Anglo American Legal Values on American Indian Tribes to the Detriment of Cultural Autonomy' (Suzianne D. Painter-Thorne, Mercer University School of Law) 
  • 'The New Status of the Lands of Native Populations in Brazilian Constitutional Law and International Law' (Othon Moreno de Medeiros Alves, Tribunal de Contas do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte [S.Court of Auditors of the State of Rio Grande do Norte], Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte - Departamento de Direito Público [Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - Department of Public Law])
These are each available through the Social Science Reserach Network (SSRN).

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