Harith Al-Dabbagh (Montreal Univerity):

BA, LL.M. (University of Mosul – Iraq) ; DEA, LL.D. (University of Aix-Marseille – France)

Harith AL-DABBAGH is currently a post-doctoral researcher in CRDP (Centre de recherche en droit public) and a part-time lecturer in the Faculty of Law of Montreal University, where he teaches the Advanced Private International Law in postgraduate studies. Beforehand, he was working as assistant professor in the Faculty of Law at Mosul University (Iraq) then as contractual lecturer-researcher (ATER) in the Faculty of Law of Saint-Étienne University (France) where he taught several subjects in fundamental Private Law. His current research activities in comparative law are focused on the study of phenomena related to legal pluralism, notably to correlation between Law and religion in the Middle-East. His researches, as well in Arabic as in French, made the object of numerous publications.

Harith AL-DABBAGH has obtained his degrees from the University of Mosul in Iraq (Bachelor 1996, LL.M. 1998) and from the University Paul Cézanne-Aix Marseille III in France (DEA of private law 2003, L.L.D. 2009). His doctoral dissertation, defended in December, 2009, entitled « Correlations between religious and secular norms in Iraqi Legal System », acquired the very honorable mention with congratulations of jury.

Contact information : Centre de recherche en droit public, Faculté de droit, Université de Montréal, C.P. 6128, succ. Centre-ville, Montréal (Québec) Canada H3C 3J7.

 Samir Aličić (University of Novi Sad):
Research interests: Roman law, legal history, private law and comparative law as well as publications on compensation of damages, forms of legal acts, legal rules of Roman law and reception of Roman law.

 Biagio Andó (Univerity of Catania):

 Marie-Eve Arbour (Universities of Laval and Salento):

 Louis Assier-Andrieu (CNRS Paris & Sciences Po Law School):
Relevant classes taught: Law & Society, History of American Legal Thought, Legal Cultures
Research interests: Historical Anthropology of Western Law

 Frédéric Audren (CNRS Paris & Sciences Po Law School):
Relevant classes taught: Law & Society; History of Legal Thought; Legal History
Research interests: Historical Sociology of Western Law; Legal cultures; Law & Geography

 Tom Bennett (University of Cape Town):
Relevant classes taught: Public and Private International Law
Research interests: African Customary Law, Human Rights, Legal Pluralism
Contact information: Department of Public Law, Law Faculty, University of the Cape Town, PBag Rondebosch 7701, RSA

 Aldo Zammit Borda (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland):
Relevant classes taught: N/A
Research interests: Public International Law; International Criminal Law

 Shawn Boyne (Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis):
Relevant classes taught: Comparative national security law; comparative criminal law.
Research interests: Comparative civil liberties and comparative criminal law
Contact information:  Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis; 530 W. New York Street; Indianapolis, IN 46202

 Michel Cannarsa (University Jean Moulin-Lyon 3) :

 Eleanor Cashin-Ritaine (Swiss Institute of Comparative Law):

 Margit Cohn (Hebrew University of Jerusalem):
Relevant classes taught: Comparative Constitutional Law, Judicial Review: Theoretic and Comparative Aspects, Administrative Law, The Executive Branch
Research interests: Comparative public Law, judicial review, legal transplant theory and practice, the executive branch, regulation.
Contact information: Faculty of Law and Federmann School of Public Policy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem 91905, Israel; Tel.: + 972 2 5882558; Fax: + 972 2 5823042

 Giovanni Comandé (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna):

 Mariano Croce (Sapienza – Università di Roma):;
Relevant classes taught: I have taught Legal Philosophy at Sapienza – Università di Roma (Department of Philosophy) since 2007 as a contract professor (Winter Term 2010/2011: Domination of the Form or Form of Domination? Law and Social Order; Winter Term 2009/2010: The effects of law on reality: legal institutes and political organisms before and beyond the state; Winter Term 2008/2009: Law as a Concept and as a Social Practice. The Source of Normative Systems; Spring Term 2007/2008: Foundations for Fundamental Rights?; Winter Term 2007/2008: The Twofold Nature of Law: ius and lex)
Research interests: Legal theory, legal pluralism, critical theory, history of legal and political ideas, theory of democracy.
Contact information: Sapienza – Università di Roma, Department of Philosophy, Via Carlo Fea 2, 00161 Rome, Italy 

 Nora V Demleitner (Dean, Hofstra University, Deane School of Law):
Relevant classes taught: Various classes in comparative law, criminal law and justice, and immigration law. 
Research interests: Comparative law, criminal law and justice, and immigration law 
Contact information: Hofstra University School of Law; 121 Hofstra University; Hempstead, NY 11549 

 Dave De ruysscher  (Assistant professor at the Vrije Universiteit of Brussels andpostdoctoral fellow of the Fund of Scientific Research
Relevant classes taught: Legal History; Comparative Law
Research interests: Commercial law (common and civil law tradition, in particular company law, financial law and bankruptcy); private law (history of the law of obligations, the late-medieval and early modern ius commune).
Contact information
-Vakgroep Onderneming en Recht - Business and Law Institute; Universiteit Antwerpen - University of Antwerp; Venusstraat 23; B-2000 Antwerpen;Tel. 03/2655720
-Vakgroep Interdisciplinaire studies van het recht (JURI) - Department of Interdisciplinary Legal Studies (DILS); Pleinlaan 2; B-1050 Brussel(s); Tel. +3226292635

 Vicenç Feliú (University of the District of Columbia):

 David Gruning (University of Loyola (New Orleans)):

 Haider Ala Hamoudi (University of Pittsburgh):

 Nikitas Hatzimihail (University of Cyprus):

 Dirk Heirbaut (University of Ghent):

 Adam Hofri-Winogradow

BMus (Berklee College of Music), LLB (Tel-Aviv University), MA (Tel-Aviv University), DPhil (Oxford University

Assistant Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, my teaching focuses on comparative law, the history of Israeli law and trusts. I have published on Adam Smith, Eighteenth Century English law, and present-day Israeli developments, including Israel's constitutional regime, Arab Israeli women's 'custom' of giving up their shares in their parental inheritance, and the current renaissance of Halachic (Jewish Rabbinical) adjudication in private and commercial matters. I am an (academic) member of STEP - the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners, and am, appropriately, currently researching Israeli trusts practice - both its history and its current formations.

Contact information: Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905, ISRAEL; 972 2 5881281 (office); 972 523 592980 (mobile);

 Justin Holbrook (Widener):

 Jaakko Husa (Professor at the University of Lapland (Finland), Invited Fellow with the Maastricht European Private Law Institute):
Relevant classes taught: Legal cultures, comparative legal linguistics, comparative law, Nordic law, constitutional law.
Research interests: Theory of comparative law, comparative legal history, law & language, comparative constitutional law, legal theory/methodology
Contact information: University of Lapland, Faculty of Law; PO Box 122; FI-96101Rovaniemi; FINLAND

 Nir Kedar (Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law):
Relevant classes taught: Israeli Legal History, basic course and seminars in Comparative Law.
Research interests: Modern Legal History, Comparative Law, Legal and Political Theory
Contact information: Faculty of Law; Bar-Ilan University; Ramat-Gan 52900; Israel

 Pasquale Laghi (University of Calabria – University of Malta):
Relevant classes taught: Law of Obligations and Tort Law in comparative perspective.
Research interests: The impact of Human Rights on the Private Law, Contracts, European Private Law, Comparative Law

 David Lametti (McGill University):

 Stephanie Law (European University Institute):
Relevant classes taught: International Private Law (University of Glasgow)
Research interests: My doctoral research concerns the development of private law in an increasingly global world, and focuses particularly on developing the concept of hybridity as a means of explaining the nature and quality of private law (in particular, with developing the concept beyond the traditional mixed legal systems, considering normative and legal hybridity). In general, I am interested in emerging theories of transnational private law, the development of transnational private regulation and the European private law discourse (and especially, the role of the CJEU in furthering this project).

 François-Xavier Licari (Université de Metz, France):
Relevant classes taught: Comparative business law, law of suretyship, commercial law, law of obligations
Research interests: comparative business law, liberative prescription in comparative law and PIL, punitive damages, mixed jurisdictions, legal theory 

 Assaf Likhovski (Tel Aviv): 
Relevant classes taught:  Introduction to Legal History, Israeli Legal History, comparative law 
Research interests: Legal history (especially the history of legal transplants)

 Letizia Mancini (Law Faculty, Milan University, Italy)
Relevant classes taught: Sociology of Law, Legal Anthropology
Research interests: Multiculturalism, Legal Cultures, Legal Pluralism, Human Rights, Immigration

 Michael McAuley (Carey Olsen, St Peter Port (Guernsey)): 
Relevant classes taught: 2001-2006 Louisiana State University: civil law property, successions, conflict of laws, matrimonial regimes, comparative law 
Research interests: African Customary Law, Human Rights, Legal Pluralism

 Agustín Parise:
LLB (Buenos Aires), LLM (Louisiana)
Agustín Parise was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he received his degree of LL.B. (abogado) at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He is a Lecturer in Legal History (Jefe de Trabajos Prácticos) at the same school (on leave of absence) and a Research Associate at the Center of Civil Law Studies at Louisiana State University. He received his LL.M. from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University, where his thesis focused on historical aspects of the Louisiana Civil Code and moral damages. While at LSU he also wrote his doctorate in law (S.J.D.) dissertation for the Universidad de Buenos Aires on the history of the Louisiana Civil Code and its influence in the Argentine Civil Code. He received invitations from the Max Planck Institutes of Comparative Law (Hamburg) and Legal History (Frankfurt) to visit during the academic year 2010-2011.
Contact information: Research Associate, Center of Civil Law Studies, W326, Law Center, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA; +1 225/578-7574.

Gianluca P Parolin (American University in Cairo):
Relevant classes taught: Comparative Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Islamic Law Reform, and Egyptian Law
Research interests: Constitutional transitions in the Gulf (with special attention to Bahrain), concepts and regulations of citizenship in the region, the teleological readings of Islamic law developed in the last couple of centuries, and the intersections and interaction of different legal systems

 Colin Picker (University of New South Wales):

 Christa Rautenbach (North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus) South Africa):
Relevant classes taught: Law of Succession; Legal Pluralism; Child Law
Research interests: Legal pluralism, cultural diversity; African customary law
Contact information: Faculty of Law; North-West University; 2520 Potchefstroom; South Africa. Tel:+27 (0)18 299 1939. Fax:+27 (0)18 299 1955 

 Teresa Sartore Senigaglia (Heidelberg):
Relevant classes taught: Paleography Workshop, Summer 2010, Heidelberg University
Research interests: clash/encounter between social/religious/ethnic groups in transcultural societies; emergence of diasporic identities and legal pluralism
Contact information: Transcultural Studies; Universität Heidelberg; Marstallstraße 6; 69117 Heidelberg; +49(0)6221/54-7856; Fax:+49(0)6221/54-7862 

 Mosa Sayed (Faculty of Law, Uppsala Univeristy, Sweden):  
Relevant classes taught: Private international law, Family law, Legal history and comparative law, Islamic law, Law and multicultural societies 
Research interests: Islamic Law, Private international law, Legal pluralism, Comparative law and Family and succession law 

 Ron Scalise (Tulane University):

 David Schorr (Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law):
Relevant classes taught: English Legal History, Law and History Workshop
Research interests: legal history of Palestine and British Empire
Contact information:

 Michel Séjean (Université Paris II - Panthéon-Assas):
Relevant classes taught: French civil law, French business law and English-American Common Law
Research interests: Comparative civil law; Legal Translation; Jurilinguistics
Contact information: 5 rue Guillaumot; 75012 Paris, France; Phone number: +33-6-62-84-47-45

 Lionel Smith:
BSc (Toronto), LLB (Western Ontario), LLM (Cambridge), DPhil (Oxford), LLB (Montréal).
I have been at McGill University since 2000, and I teach obligations and trusts, as well corporate law and unjust enrichment, in common law and civil law. My published scholarship is mainly on unjust enrichment, trusts and commercial law, along with some legal history and legal theory. I have been the Director of the Quebec Research Centre of Private and Comparative Law since 2007, where I co-ordinate our ongoing work on bilingual civil codes and dictionaries of civil law, along with launching new projects on trusts in civil law, transsystemic legal education, and the digitization of the archives of Quebec's Civil Code Revision Office. I am member of the American Law Institute, the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law, and the World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists, and also of the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History, the Selden Society, the Canadian Association of Law Teachers, the Association des professeurs et des professeures de droit du Québec, the Association québécoise de droit comparé, and the Association Henri Capitant des Amis de la Culture Juridique Française.
Contact information: Faculty of Law, McGill University, 3644 Peel St., Montreal, Quebec Canada H3A 1W9. + 1 514 398 4670.

 Dan Stigall:
BA (Louisiana State University), JD (Louisiana State University), LLM (George Washington University)
Dan E Stigall has spent his career as an attorney for the United States federal government, including service as a military lawyer in Europe, the Middle East, and throughout the United States. He researches and writes on topics related to international law and comparative law. His articles have appeared in the George Washington International Law Review, the Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law, the Military Law Review, and numerous other publications.
Contact information:

 Martin Sychold (Swiss Institute of Comparative Law):

 Giovanni Tamburrini (Solbridge International School of Business, Korea):
Relevant classes taught: Business Law & Ethics - Social Entrepreneurship
Research interests: International Business Law - Corporate Governance 

 Mathilda Twomey (Judge, Court of Appeal of Seychelles): 
Research interests: Legal history, comparative law, and mixed jurisdictions, including the mixing of common law and and civil law in Seychelles.

 • Catherine Valcke (Toronto):
Relevant classes taught: Contracts, Civil Law Obligations, Intro to Civil Law Tradition, Comparative Law Theory, Alternative Approaches to Legal Scholarship, Contract Theory
Research interests: Private Law, Contracts, Legal theory, Jurisprudence, Comparative Law
Contact information: Fac. Law, Univ. Toronto; 78 Queen's Pk Cresc.; Toronto (Ontario); Canada M5S 2C5; Tel: (514) 258-4484

 Mark van Hoecke (Ghent):
Relevant classes taught: Research Professor Legal Theory & Comparative Law
Research interests: Theory of comparative law, methodology of legal research, interpretation of contracts
Contact information: Department of Jurisprudence and Legal History, Ghent University

 Remco van Rhee (Maastricht):

 Adelyn L M Wilson (Aberdeen):
Relevant classes taught: Scottish Legal History, European Legal History, Roman law, Legal History in Recent Court Practice, Foundations of Private Law
Research interests: C17th Scottish legal history, C16th-C17th western continental European legal history, Roman law
Contact information: University of Aberdeen School of Law; Taylor Building; Aberdeen, AB24 3UB; UK

 David Zammit (University of Malta):

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