23 December 2018

The Legal Historians and NWU Faculty of Law join the Juris Diversitas Conference!


We are pleased to announce that two groups have joined the Conference. Please send you proposals for any of these two groups before/on 15 January 2018 by using the following link:

  • The Southern African Legal Historians welcomes papers focusing on the Roots of Law, which may pertain to the development of law in any particular time (from the distant past to the near future) relating to roots, law and space or the impact of law on society, transformation and justice, relating, but not limited, to African legal traditions; European legal traditions; Anglo-American legal traditions; religious influences and Eastern legal influences.
  • The NWU Faculty of Law celebrates 30 years since the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has come into operation. The rights of the child have been celebrated all over the world, but what are their roots and how do the Convention and national laws function in this space of time. You are invited to submit proposals related (but not limited to) the successes and failures of the Convention, African customs and religious systems and children's rights, juvenile justice, national legislation, conflict, exploitation, social context and best interest of the child.
You will be notified at the end of January 2019 if your proposal has been accepted. For more information contact: Willemien.duPlessis@nwu.ac.za (Legal Historians) OR Rene.Koraan@nwu.ac.za (CRC).

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