07 February 2013

CONFERENCE: Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA)

Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA)

In collaboration with Universidad de Santiago de Compostela – GI-Derecho Privado Europeo

Invitation to a Conference
Santiago de Compostela,
07 and 08 June 2013

Friday, 07 June 2013
9.00 Welcome and Introduction
Prof. Javier Lete / Prof. Stefan Grundmann/Prof. Fernando Goméz

I. Setting the Framework
Chair: Prof. Hugh Collins
1. Property Structures Underlying Contracts
Prof. Vincent Forray, Montreal
2. Contract Law and Proprietary Remedies
Prof. Sjef van Erp, Maastricht

11.15 Coffee Break

3. Contract Law, Liability Rules, and Property Rules
Prof. Nuno Manuel Pinto Oliveira, Minho
4. Contract Law and Protection of IP
Prof. Richard Epstein, New York

13.30 Lunch

II. Contracts and Transaction Costs
Chair: Prof. Fernando Goméz
1. Information Disclosure as Transaction Cost
Prof. Guido Ferrarini, Genova
2. Property Transactions and Certainty of Title Transfer
Prof. Peter Limmer, Würzburg

16.30 Tea Break


3. Doing Business Project and European Contract Law
Prof. Fabrizio Cafaggi, Florence
4. Common Goods and the Role of Contract
Prof. Andrea Nervi, Sassari

18.45 Secola General Assembly

20.30 Conference Dinner

Saturday, 08 June 2013

III. Contracts as Marketable Property
Chair: Prof. Jacobien Rutgers
1. Securitization of Contracts
Prof. Francisco Garcimartin, Madrid
2. Collateralization of Contracts
Prof. Eva-Maria Kieninger, Würzburg

10.45 Coffee Break


IV. The Interaction between Contract Law and Property
Chair: Prof. Pietro Sirena
1. A Comparative Law Approach
Prof. Paulo Mota Pinto, Coimbra
2. Contract and Self-help Remedies: The Case of Set-Off in International Contracts
Prof. Marta Requejo, Luxembourg

13.00 V. Conclusions
Prof. Fernando Goméz / Prof. Javier Lete/Prof. Stefan Grundmann

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Dr. Marta Otero-Crespo
Phone: 0034 881 814647
Fax: 0034 881 814615

Conference location
Salón de actos
Facultad de Derecho
Campus Vida s/n
15782 Santiago de Compostela

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