10 January 2013

LECTURE: Grillo on "Other" Religions In the Courtroom

"Other" Religions in the Courtroom: A View from BritainThe Department of law of the University Centre of Albi is honoured to receive on January 22, 2013 Professor Ralph Grillo (University of Sussex) for a lecture entitled

Across the globe many people are increasingly turning to religion to guide their conduct, and seek advice on how to comport themselves in societies which may be seen as secular, individualistic and immoral. This applies to a number of religious traditions, including Christianity, but in almost all Western countries, Islamic beliefs and practices (along with accusations that Muslims seek to lead ‘parallel lives', or ‘Islamize' Europe) seem especially problematic. In consequence, contemporary secular societies in Europe and elsewhere are characterized by acrimonious debate about religious difference. The lecture will look at this phenomenon in the British context, with an emphasis on the legal dimension. What has been the British perspective on ‘other' religious beliefs and practices when they enter into cases which come before the courts? What space is there for accommodation? What are its limits? And how are those limits determined?

The lecture will be hold at the CUFR Jean-François Champollion-Place de Verdun. 81012 Albi- FRANCE. Auditorium 2 (Maison Multimédia) at 2.00 PM.

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