01 November 2010

NOTICE: Ashgate Library of Essays in Contemporary Legal Theory

Ashgate has announced an excellent new three-volume Library of Essays in Contemporary Legal Theory:

Series Editors: William Twining, University College London, UK, Wil Waluchow, McMaster University, Canada, Michael Giudice, York University, Canada and Maksymilian Del Mar, Edinburgh University, UK

Library of Essays in Contemporary Legal Theory The discipline of legal theory has flourished over the last thirty years, as shown by the proliferation of methodological debates and controversies. These debates are not only relevant to how legal theory understands its own enterprise: its problems, aims and issues of scope. They are also relevant to many other aspects of the practice of legal theory, for example its role vis-à-vis the practice of law and the practice of other related activities, such as legal scholarship and legal education. As the ambitions of legal theory grow, so do questions concerning its relations with other disciplines, such as comparative law, but also, much more broadly, the social sciences.

This three volume series on contemporary legal theory brings together a selection of previously published articles from leading legal theorists which are key papers in the discussion of the above controversies and challenges. Each volume opens with a substantial introduction to the papers and their context and ends with a selective bibliography for further reading.

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